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We Love You, Edward

Edward passed away in Alaska while crossing the Jago River after an attempt on Mt. Isto, the most prominent point in the Brooks Range. This website is a copy of Edward's website. ( don't go there, it doesn't work anymore )

We will continue to use this website to release items such as scans of Edward's last mathematical works, photos of his polyhedra, or links to his WinProm software releases.

Biographical data

Current Residence: Redmond WA, a suburb of Seattle.

My father, Charles Earl, lives in Bozeman MT.

My younger brother Jim lives in Livingston MT.

I have a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Present position: Software design engineer, Microsoft.

Check out my biographical sketch for more detail on where I've been and what I've done.


B.S. Chemistry and mathematics, Furman UniversityFurman logo, 1986.

Ph.D. Computational chemistry, University of UtahU of U logo, 1992.

Organizational Affiliations:

Hobbies and Interests:

Personal comments:

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
-Thomas Alva Edison

Earl's Laws of Mathematical Ethics:

Any unit of angle other than the radian is mathematically ugly.
Any continuous logarithm or exponential to any base other than e is mathematically ugly.
The absolute value function is mathematically ugly.

I am often known to call myself "7.389056099", which is (to the number of significant digits shown) a transcendental number that can be obtained in only two or three keystrokes on a typical scientific calculator. Can you figure out what this number means? Hint: see Earl's Second Law of Mathematical Ethics.


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