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I now use Greg Slayden's Peakbagger website to record my climbs. It can be used to track a peak bagger's progress by elevation, by prominence, by highpoints, by any peak list recognized on the site, and in many other ways that many climbers have never heard of. I highly recommend it to any peak bagger who wants an automated way of keeping statistics on their climbs. You can see the following lists of peaks I've climbed: My "top ten" ascents, the ones I would most rather have to my credit because of their general quality, notoriety and stature, are:


I am always prospecting for new challenges. The list of peaks I want to climb someday is long and ever-changing; therefore, it would be impractical to maintain such a list. There are, however, a few long-running favorites that stand out. A (very) partial list of such peaks would include:

Unsuccessful Attempts

A climber who ventures out regularly will inevitably fail to reach his/her intended objective occasionally, owing to factors often beyond the climber's control, such as weather, unexpected route conditions, injury, or illness. This has happened to me a few dozen times in my life; those occasions are listed in this table.

NameReason for turnaround
Kings Pk Rainy weather
Lone Pk Companion wimped out
Fremont Pk Thunderstorm
Mt Temple Snowstorm, icy conditions
Serkhe Kkollu Snowstorm, avalanche danger
Picacho del Diablo (Diablo Canyon) Unable to bypass waterfall
(Pinnacle Ridge) Insufficient time for technical problems
Mt Tom Late hour, route finding problems
Mt San Jacinto Unexpected snow coverage, trail finding problems
Granite Pk Route finding problems in rocks just below summit
Mont Blanc Blowing snow, possible thunderstorms
North Palisade Thunderstorm with snow & graupel
Long Ridge Private property with electric fence around summit
Aconcagua Late start on summit day; turnaround time passed
Little Blue Pk Thick brush, snow on slippery slopes, late hour, probable private property
Mt McKinley High winds on upper slopes of mountain
Avawatz Mtn Late start, hot weather, low water
Cuyambe Many crevasses, bad ice conditions
Lavender Pk Insufficient route information
Store Lenagstind Snowstorm with ice on rocks on summit ridge
Cuyamaca Pk Companion wimped out
Hauser Mtn Unequipped to climb summit boulder
Kilimanjaro Food illness at high hut
Nielson TP Unequipped to climb summit boulder
Nøna Insufficient route information, technical rock problems on ridge on wrong side of summit
Jiehkkevarri Late hour, occasional low visibility
Arc Dome End-of-summer snowstorm
Mt Haley Ice on boulders, late hour
Sierra Estrella Approach road troubles, cliffed out on subpeak at late hour
Sumas Mtn Wrong route decision
Anderson Mtn Snow-choked forest, drifts, tree wells
Mt Fairweather Huge crevasses
Crestone & East Crestone Weather, unskilled party members

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